“Whoever is foolish enough to attempt to write a history of the circus and of circus families will perish in a madhouse”. John L. Clarke, ‘Circus Parade’, 1936

In about 1980 I developed a latent interest in popular entertainment in the Victorian period, rapidly specialising in circus. But what exactly did the performers do, in the arena? And who were these people who came and went?

This curiosity led to the collection of biographical information from every source I could discover. This quest for biographical information has resulted in the publication of two volumes entitled ‘Victorian Arena; the Performers’, each with about 1,500 names listed. A companion volume ‘Victorian Arena; the Showmen’ is in prospect.

In addition I have now collected information on ’20th Century Circus People’, in preparation for publication. These volumes are based on some 11,000 records in my biographical database, with over 10,500 records of circus visits. I am happy to share this information with other researchers, including family historians, on a reciprocal basis.

Please explore this site and visit it regularly. I expect it to develop rapidly and to become a resource which is ever-changing. The theatre has many champions with an enormous literature devoted to history, people and institutions. Circus and allied performing arts have been relatively neglected but this situation is being remedied.

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